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Frequently Asked Questions

Will we be programming?
Only students who express interest in programming will be programming. Everyone is encouraged to try new things, but each of us have our own strengths and weaknesses.

What will we learn in the 3 weeks?
  • how to work in groups to build an interactive experience or a game
  • visual storytelling
  • visual design
  • video game critique, theory, design, and development
  • software development cycle and the game pipeline
  • what it is like to work in the game industry (visits from insudtry professionals)

Is there an animation component to the course?
Yes. And the type of animation will depend on the type of game being created by the student groups.

If I am graduating from High School can I still apply for the Academy?
Yes you can! We have extended this opportunity to include students who have recently graduated (May/June 2010). These students will serve as assistant counselors in addition to their team role. In this volunteet position, we hope to provide valuable experience and skills development.

Where is the Academy
We are located at 326 Market Street, Harrisburg.

Do I need to know a lot about computers and programs?
This program is designed for people with passion—passion for gaming, for design, for the arts, for programming, for storytelling—but you needn’t be an expert in any of these subjects, by any means. Students with any digital media experience are encouraged to apply. There are only 22 spots in each session, and we will get to know our applicants from their letters of intent, so be sure to tell us what you love about the digital media industry and why you’re excited about working with us for these three weeks.

When is the application deadline and when will I know if I’m in?
The early registration deadline is March 31st and accepted applicants will be notified on April 2nd. Regular full price registration deadline is May 7th, 2010. On May 14th we'll begin sending out acceptance letters and wait-list notifications to all perspective students.

When will I be informed if I received a scholarship?
Awardees will be notified the third week of April. If you cannot attend the program without a full scholarship, we ask that you include that information on your scholarship application form, but please understand there are a limited number of full scholarships.




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"The Summer Gaming Academy will cover a number of aspects relating to video game development, including 3D modeling, game programming, and level design."