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Mehdi Noorbaksh, Ph.D.

Assoc. Prof of International Affairs, Coordinator of General Education

Graham S. Hetrick

Corporate Faculty
Dauphin County Coroner

B.S. Analytics

If you have never heard the term, analytics is a process whereby history is used to make predictions about the future. For example, the use of electronic health records to monitor trends of past behavior, predict future outcomes and help make preemptive medical decisions to improve a person's wellness. Healthcare is rich in data.

Oleksandra Haleblian

Students are the focus at NOVA.

M.S. Learning Technologies

Emerging technologies are dramatically redefining the learning experience. Constant innovation continues to introduce new opportunities to enhance the delivery of teaching, training, collaboration and assessment. Education, business, and government are rapidly embracing the benefits of new learning technologies to:
  • improve learner achievement,
  • actively engage learners,
  • manage and distribute educational opportunities,
  • facilitate collaboration
  • and generate innovative solutions

Sarah Gwarek

NOVA’s flexibility allows me to explore subjects.

Ali Gee

I like the camaraderie of the students.

Molly Lynch

I really enjoy the smaller environment.

Brian Henley

There are many resources available.

David Liendo

NOVA is affordable.

Sheila Sealey

My worries about returning to school are gone.

John Ehle

NOVA provides opportunities for everyone to achieve their potential.

Charmaine Corpuz

I’ve been given a lot of great opportunities as a nursing student.

Oscar Blanco

I came to NOVA as an international student.

Beverlee Drucker

NOVA provides opportunities for everyone to achieve their potential.

B.S. Computer Science

It’s the science behind the coolest gadgets and gear on the market. The skeletons of today’s most powerful websites. And the root of tomorrow’s most rewarding careers. Technology at Harrisburg University is more than just computer screens and keyboards. It’s a hands-on study of the complex information systems and peripherals that power our world and shape our future.

Brittany Shearer

The smaller college environment really helped me.

B.S. Biotechnology

Biotechnology is a multi-disciplinary program that incorporates the foundations of biology, microbiology, genetics, molecular biology, and chemistry. Biotechnology focuses on the manipulation of living organisms, their products, and their processes to further knowledge, improve quality of life and engineer new tools and applications. Biotechnology is applied to a broad range of industries including the pharmaceutical, chemical, agricultural, food development and manufacturing, to name but a few.

Emmanuel Bagumira

NOVA was my first step towards a better life.

B.S. Integrative Sciences

This major was designed to start with the basics of biology, chemistry, and physics, and then allow students the flexibility to concentrate in Biology, Chemistry, Biological Chemistry, Environmental Impact of Pharmaceuticals, Environmental Science & Renewable Energy, Forensics, or Pharmaceutical Design & Development.

M.S. Information Systems Engineering and Management

The 36-credit hour Information Systems Engineering & Management (ISEM) master’s degree program is designed to provide you with both the technical and business skills you need to plan, engineer/re-engineer, and manage the systems to support modern digital enterprises. The program is available for full-time or part-time students.

Andy Petroski

Director of Learning Technologies and Assistant Professor of Learning Technologies

Joshua Anton

Staff and faculty at NOVA have helped me with my ADHD.

Rodwell Catoe

My favorite aspect of teaching is when a student reaches an 'A-ha’ moment.

Lisa Hill

My favorite part about teaching at NOVA is the students.

Chris Altice

Using my VA Benefits was easy.

Karima Ben-Ayed

Faculty motivate you beyond your limits.

Nessie Vanta

I’m getting a quality education.

Paula Worthington

Have a goal.

Raymond Bailey

The faculty here are outstanding.

Wilis Rodriguez

You’ll find your niche here.

Kimberly Armradit

When you start at NOVA, get involved.

B.S. Geospatial Technology

Geospatial Technology is a collective term referring to technologies that collect, store, query, analyze, visualize and present spatial information. With the explosion of access to spatial data and spatially enabled tools, such as cellular phones and vehicle navigation systems, these technologies are also quickly becoming an essential part of everyday lives. And there is a growing need for a workforce skilled in Geospatial Technology for a variety of disciplines including environmental, commercial, political, social, medical, military, and emergency response.

Ryan Gale

I gained a lot of hands-on experience.

Lucia Kane

I discovered there was a culinary program.

Chance Sizemore

I was able to use credits I earned during active duty.

Edward Creppy

I connect what I teach to what students may experience.

Simone Almeida

I enjoy the hands-on experience from my clinical rotations.

Vineet Ahluwalia

As an international student, NOVA was my best option.

Beihua Yan

I also like the small class sizes at NOVA.

M.S. Analytics

The Master of Science in Analytics is an exciting new 36 credit-hour degree designed to meet the growing demand for professionals who understand "big data" and have the specialized analytics skills needed to extract actionable information from large and complex data sets. The curriculum emphasizes the use of advanced data management tools and applied statistical and operations research techniques to analyze large real-world data sets to increase return on investment, improve customer retention, reduce fraud and improve decision making.

Emily Kollaja

I heard NOVA was affordable.

M.S. Project Management

The 36-credit-hour degree program covers essential skills and topics including procurement and risk management, to systems integration and organizational leadership. Additionally, the curriculum has received Registered Education Provider (REP) status through the Project Management Institute (PMI®), providing preparation for the nationally recognized PMP certification.

Laura Franklin

NOVA is a place where people consider the possibilities.

Samson Nugusse

The professors at NOVA provide an easy environment to learn.

William Kinsella

The emphasis here has always been on students and their success.

B.S. Management and eBusiness

Deciding whether a company needs a new technology is not a technical decision, but a business decision. Similarly, establishing a company is not strictly a business decision – it involves analysis of several enabling technologies. Management & eBusiness brings both of those necessary skills together in one program--and we offer a variety of concentrations.
  • Digital Health
  • eBusiness
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Information & Communication Technologies
  • Interactive Media Management
  • Management

Andrew Young

I really enjoy when students feel deeply connected.

Julian Awari

It definitely fits my schedule.

Maria Claudia Diaz

I like the culture here.

Takako Shigehisa

NOVA is a great place to learn a language.