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Meet with Mr. Joyce, President of Versatile Inc.

About Versatile Inc.

Versatile provides business solutions that enable companies to improve sales, marketing and distribution of their products. Versatile also provides information technology services for the implementation, maintenance and security of mission-critical computer environments. Versatile has the ability to architect solutions involving both proprietary and third party components. For more information: www.versatile.com.

Mr. Bob Joyce, President of Versatile

Mr. Joyce has been President of Versatile Mobile Systems, Inc., Versatile Mobile Systems (Europe) Limited and Perfect Order Acquisition Corporation of Versatile Mobile Systems Canada Inc. Mr. Joyce has responsibility for overseeing global operations on behalf of Versatile group. Mr. Joyce was previously the President and CEO of Perfect Order from 1998 to 2004. During this period, sales grew from US$15 million to more than US$50 million. Currently, Mr. Joyce sits on the Board of Directors of Harrisburg University.

Mr. Bill Kratze, Chief Interactive Architect

Mr. Kratze’s expertise includes server and rich client side java technology, web technology (javascript, html5, css), and mobile technology (ios, and mobile web). He loves working with Linux, UNIX, and MacOSX. His other areas of interest include Big Data (NoSQL and Hadoop) and mobile application design.


Bob and Bill will talk entrepreneurship and technology with us.


12:00 PM – 1:00 PM, Room 1258@HU.

March 29th, Friday.

Free Pizza!!

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