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The Last of Us Remastered
“Putting a stupid amount of time into the multiplayer after beating the amazing story” – jssmith6692 on The Last of Us: Remastered

“Infamous second son was a great game. It’s story went very well with the last two and gave a new spin to conduits.” -matos292 on Infamous: Second Son

“I have a love/hate relationship with games that have multiple scattered objectives and missions throughout the map. Because it adds so much replayability to a game, yet it distracts me from the main story. But that’s not a bad thing at all, and my favorite thing in the game has to be how you can use your hacking skills while driving and it helps you get away from anyone on your tail. And the story is really good too.” -MikeT92 on Watch Dogs

“Exactly like the pc version it’s absolutely amazing” -jhayes

“Graphics are great, the new features for the running back are pretty good and adds another side to the Madden franchise, and the physics in the game are pretty realistic, to the point that you don’t just walk through/stand through players and you’ll actually trip over them and fall or whatever happens.” -MikeT92 on Madden NFL 25

“I personally couldn’t get used to how to accurately kick the ball in for the goal, and most of my shots are based off of luck more than skill. But the graphics are amazing and although I suck at it i love playing it” -MikeT92 on Fifa 14

“Kind of stumbled across this game for this console and said why not…don’t regret it.” -ceh410 on Injustice: Gods Among Us

“They definitely made the controls and response time for this game flow very smooth, which for a fighting game is a must. Definitely would recommend to anyone who wants a good fighting game or likes Mortal Kombat” -MikeT92 on Injustice: Gods Among Us

“Although I prefer the older UFC titles, this one does a decent job of keeping the series going. I feel like certain players weren’t ranked the way they should’ve been, and the controls were very difficult to get used to. Otherwise it is a good game and I would play future installments” -MikeT92 on EA Sports UFC

“This game had so much to offer as far as gameplay goes. And it does pretty much all of it in spectacular fashion. The graphics are amazing, the combat system is just about flawless, the naval combat is exponentially improved from AC3, the underwater shipwreck diving was a new and interesting add-on to the series, the map was a huge open world, the hunting was intense at times, there was even harpooning. And that’s not even all that the game offers. There was just a multitude of things that added up to make this game great.” -MikeT92 on Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag

“It’s one of the closest renditions to being a super hero or villain there is on a console. The power of the next gen consoles just makes this game incredible and there is so much to do even after you finish everything.” -omegasandninja on Infamous: Second Son

“An amazing racing game that is vast and a new take on social gaming with constant online gameplay and competition along with an intertwined story.” -ashayter66 on Need for Speed: Rivals

“I played it with my little brother and it was one of the few games that was decent enough I didn’t want to gage my eyes out.” -ceh410 on Infamous: Second Son

“This Dynasty Warriors game pushes the series to a whole new level with many more on screen characters, little to no lagging while attacking and being attacked by a large amount of enemies at once, and with the new combat system it adds a new and interesting element to keep players on their toes. I could go on forever but I love the enhancements made in this game from its predecessors” -MikeT92 on Dynasty Warriors 8: Xtreme Legends Complete Edition

“Titanfall is the epitome of the first person shooter genre. It is an incredibly smooth and easy to play game with very simple objectives. The only replay ability comes from playing with friends, even still its incredible repetitive like all FPS games. Overall, a good game, just not that much to do.” -Strikex15a on Titanfall

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